A very famous painting in Paris (WPC: Reward)

This week the theme of the Weekly Photo Challenge (WPC) is “Reward”. Reward for me? Or for other people?
For most of the visitors in the Louvre in Paris the painting on the right side of the third picture is their big reward for visiting. If you have a closer view, you can recognize the famous painting. My rewards are the photographs of this scene itself.

20090405 DMC-LX3 Paris 427-Bearbeitet20090405 NIKON D200 Paris 424

20090405 NIKON D200 Paris 430-Bearbeitet

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      1. Wäre mir auch lieber gewesen. Zumal ich die anderen Gemälde in dem Raum weitaus interessanter finde. Die Mona Lisa hat man halt schon tausend mal gesehen.

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