Graffiti & Street Art in Dortmund #02 – Artwork by Claudio Ethos

Ein Graffiti & Street Art Rundgang durchs Unionsviertel lohnt in Dortmund in jedem Fall. Es gibt eine Map der 44309 Street Art Gallery, das macht die Suche sehr bequem. Gleich zu Beginn kann man sich 2 Motive von Claudio Ethos anschauen, sehr beeindruckend.

5 Gedanken zu „Graffiti & Street Art in Dortmund #02 – Artwork by Claudio Ethos“

    1. Hi Stef,
      you are right, i like this artwork very much.
      And i will write a e-mail to you in the next days because i plan to visit oostend and the Streetart there in the next weeks.
      Maybe you have ideas for other locations for Graffiti in this area of belgium.

      1. ostendnomadography

        Hi Jorg, sorry for my late response, was traveling. Already an idea when you should come to Oostende? I can guide you through all the locations (free bike rent in Oostende). Other locations in Belgium: Ghent for sure, Antwerpen. I can also recommend, excellent map. Write me on . If you want, I can try to fix an interview with a local artist Siegfried Vynck ? Regards Stef

        1. Short answer, more via mail.
          I was in Belgium for 4 days two weeks ago. Liege, Charleroi, Doe and short, for the Meeting of Styles Walls, in Antwerpen/Anvers.
          Maybe, only maybe (500km) I come to oostend in two weeks.

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